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Stem Cell Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Part#: 115500

Watch Wrinkles Disappear!

Slow down the aging process with Stem Cell Therapy. This bio-active topical cream stimulates existing skin stem cells to grow smooth, supple, firm new skin. Ingredients such as Phyko-AI-PF (a natural carb) and Seractin (a youth compound) target deep wrinkles and have been shown to reduce facial aging and decrease wrinkle appearance by up to 56 percent in the first 30 days! 1 oz.
Stem Cell Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Cream
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Product Reviews

Average rating is 4
Evergreen, CO
This really works.I saw ad on TV..but bought it here instead. Won’t eliminate all wrinkles but fills in the smaller lines.
Redmond, OR
Very happy with the results so far, it’s only been about three weeks but it looks hopeful!

Stem Cell Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Cream