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Stay-Fresh Containers

Part#: 503004
$8.99, 3/$24.00


Keep Food Fresh

Stay-Fresh Containers seal foods for protection and freshness. We have sizes and shapes for every need - from pantry storage to freezer storage. Our Storage Containers are custom molded to custom fit all food types. Choose our Refrigerator & Freezer Storage Containers to eliminate icing and freezer burn; they prevent premature spoilage. Pick our cupboard and pantry storage containers to prevent crushing or breaking and maintain freshness. Transparent storage containers make it easy to know what is inside. Snap tight lids ensure airtight control. All our storage containers are completely dishwasher safe.
Stay-Fresh Containers
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Product Reviews

Average rating is 5
China Grove, North Carolina
I’ve been using the round cracker container for Ritz crackers for a few years and I am very happy with it. The crackers are kept fresh and crispy, like a just-opened package.
atlanta ga
this is a great way to protect my food, from pantry bugs
West Falls, NY
Living in a country area I recently had an awful experience with mice in my pantry. These flour containers are large enough, tough enough and very reasonably priced to deter the little critters and keep my ingredients dry and fresh. We also took the precaution of stuffing the mouse holes with steel wool and lining the pantry with metal flashing.

Stay-Fresh Containers