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Pro Spin Mop with Bucket

Part#: 120074
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No More Lifting a Heavy Bucket!

The deluxe Spin Mop Pro system has a bucket with caster wheels so you can roll it where you need it to go. The microfiber pad gets walls, baseboards and floors clean fast. No dripping, leaking or harsh detergents! Just place the flat head mop in the spin bucket to spin it clean. Ultra absorbent, washable & reusable microfiber head grabs dirt, grime & debris. Includes bucket, mop and microfiber flat mop head.
  • Pro Spin Mop with Bucket
  • Pro Spin Mop with Bucket
  • Pro Spin Mop with Bucket
Pro Spin Mop with Bucket
Pro Spin Mop with Bucket
Pro Spin Mop with Bucket
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Product Reviews

Average rating is 4.5
Trumbull Twp. Ohio
I was skeptical about how well this would work but I like the mobility with moving the bucket around and it spins the mop very easily. Glad I got it.
Houston, Texas
I have been looking for this type of spin mop bucket which has two compartments. One for dirty and one for clean water. All the other Spin Mop buckets sold everywhere else only has one compartment. So basically you are mopping with dirty water, unless you dump out the water after each pass. I am very very happy.

In addition, I did not really like the foot pedal spin, this type of hands free and foot free spinning is perfect.

One complaint is that bottom part that has hinges that holds the blue mop head, is very flimsy. My first shipment came and one of the side of the flap is broken. When I looked at the screws holding them together, it appears they use real flimsy hinge and permanent screws. Which means if the screw breaks or the hinge breaks, there is no way to reattach it. So I sent it back and requested a replacement. I just received them today and I hope they don’t break easily.

Other than that I am very happy with this mop bucket.

Pro Spin Mop with Bucket