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Scrap Bag Holder

Part#: 129003

The Easy, Mess Free Way To Dispose of Scraps

The easiest way to clean up and dispose of scraps. This new and improved scrap bag holder is perfect for tossing apple cores, potato and carrot peels, coffee grinds, meat trimmings and more.
  • Lid snaps shut when not in use
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Perfect to fill and then bring out to your compost
Keep your kitchen looking neater and cleaner. Dishwasher safe.

129003 - Scrap Bag Holder with Lid $9.99
030131 - Scrap Bag Refills (100 Bags) $16.99
129004 - Set of 100 Bags Plus Holder $29.99
Scrap Bag Holder
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Product Reviews

Average rating is 5
carlinville, il
I’ve always had the open scrap bag holder but this closed top holder is the best. I don’t have to throw away a have empty scrap bag. Just close the lid and it keeps the scraps from smelling up the kitchen. Would recommend..
N Tonawanda,NY
Perfect size for on the sink!I use bio- bags so clean & easy to take to the composter hold about a weeks worth for two people, Egg shells tea, coffee,fruit,veggie clippings. Love it!
East Hartford, Connecticut
I used to use the one that you would just put the bag over the top. But with the lid it keeps bugs and flies out.

Scrap Bag Holder