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Silicone Pressurized Caulk

Part#: 909433

Stops Drafts..Saves Energy

Air going out doors and windows means money going out of your pocket. This Removable Silicone Weatherstrip provides a temporary mildew, draft & moisture resistant barrier indoors or out. Use to seal gaps & air leaks wherever they occur. Dries clear & can be removed up to a year later! Easy to apply. Works on metal, painted wood, glass, vinyl and plastic. Not for porous materials. 5.5 fl. oz. For more problem solvers for the home, ask for our FREE catalog, QCI Direct. See our Home Page for details.
Silicone Pressurized Caulk
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Product Reviews

Average rating is 4
Saratoga Springs NY
I bought a cabin recently and the draft was unbearable. My friend Audrey told me about this product and I found myself sealing all my windows. No need to hire anyone! It really worked.

Silicone Pressurized Caulk